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Traditionally, general education provides breadth and depth across the curriculum, often through broad requirements in the arts and sciences, complementing the specialized study of the major. In the twenty-first century, however, institutions are moving general education beyond a list of distributional courses or a required core curriculum. Programs are evolving into integrative and intentional scaffolded structures that support the major with connective learning across disciplines and fields, both in and beyond the classroom.

As these innovative general education programs emerge, educators strive to design learning structures that are intentionally equitable and democratic. New designs for general education assume that all students at all levels need to be creative, skillful, thoughtful, socially attuned, and resilient, prepared to live and learn through the unscripted challenges of our time.

As you undertake redesign and enrichment of general education, we have compiled maps of integrative programs currently being used on campuses, as wells as tools for design and assessment of general education.

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  1. Dom says:

    I’m encouraged to read you are designing learning structures that are intentionally equitable and democratic. This is something that is lacking in general education.

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