LEAP Campus Toolkit

Resources and Models for Innovation


Educational innovators are developing new frameworks for “success” that go beyond the standard benchmarks of persistence and completion in order to focus directly on students’ achievement of learning outcomes. Forward-looking institutions have developed more purposeful pathways from school through college, working to ensure that all students have access to highly engaged educational opportunities that are indispensable for advancing student outcomes.

All types of campuses committed to diversity, equity, and excellence in learning work to integrate student services, collaborate across divisions and departments, and engage in transformational change to prepare an increasingly diverse student population to thrive in the contemporary world.

We present here a dynamic library of campus examples and student success research to aid you as you undertake this work.


Effective success strategies are robust and proactive programs of academic support that engage students to become active partners in their own quest for educational success. The AAC&U Roadmap Project has identified a number of student success strategies, described in the document at right. These form the building blocks as practitioners work to align and connect student support efforts into a cohesive pathway to success at any campus.

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